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Making your mark as an emerging black metal act isn’t easy these days on a scene that is close to saturated. Myrkur, the project by Danish vocalist Amalie Bruun, has the stand-out quality of moulding black metal, ambient and Nordic folk music into an unusual and innovative hybrid.

Myrkur’s music oscillates between sombre black metal and dreamy, entrancing passages. The concept certainly drew some high-level attention since Myrkur’s full-length debut ‘M’ was produced by none other than Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver), and members of Mayhem, Nidingr and Dodheimsgard also contributed to the recording process. Bruun’s Myrkur vocals range from bloodcurdling screams to seraphic interludes and the combination with the obligatory blast beats and distortion make for an interesting experience. Myrkur’s sophomore outing ‘Mareridt’ (2017) takes a more black/folk oriented approach thanks to the numerous violin parts and the inclusion of clean singing, adding yet another dimension to this musically diverse release. We’re curious to see how this will play out on the Alcatraz stage.