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Alcatraz Line up: 2022

Most prominent black metal bands today have been around since the advent of the genre in the early nineties. One of the most notable exceptions to this rule is probably Watain. Ever since their inception almost a quarter century ago, the Satanic three-piece have left a trail of drugs, violence and blood but Watain also delivers the goods on stage. They combine the rawness of Bathory with the catchy harmonies of Dissection. From the black metal of ‘Rabid Death’s Curse’ to the melodic epic grandeur of ‘Lawless Darkness’, Watain’s sound keeps evolving. ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’, their last studio album to date, has more than enough kick-ass riffs to keep things interesting and thanks to its short run time it packs a meaty punch throughout. Stake your place in the front rows and get a whiff of eternal death…