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Life of Agony

Life of Agony





friday | 00h25-01h30 | helldorado



Spawned by the NY hardcore scene, Life of Agony is an American alternative metal band with a very eventful history. When their debut ‘River Runs Red’ (1993) met with huge critical acclaim, critics predicted a stellar career for the New York foursome and they were right – initially.

‘Ugly’ (1995) and ‘Soul Searching Sun’ (1997) did OK but in 1999 the band folded after ejecting vocalist Keith Caputo. Fifteen years later, in the summer of 2014, LoA’s performance at Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival proved that old flames can be rekindled, even after all this time. The original line-up eventually reformed: Keith Caputo is now Mina Caputo and her voice is as powerful as ever. ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ (2017) reacquainted us with Life of Agony’s ability and ‘The Sound of Scars’ (2019) is literally the sequel to their debut ‘River Runs Red’: it ends with the leading character attempting suicide but the opener on ‘The Sound of Scars’ reveals paramedics saved his life. ‘The Sound of Scars’ album brings it all full circle. Their performance at AMF2022 is still fresh in our minds and now they’re back for more!