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Paradise Lost

Alcatraz Line up: 2017

You could make a fascinating film about the history of the British metal band Paradise Lost. Founded in 1988 in Halifax, the band’s first demos created quite an underground buzz. The debut in 1990 of “Lost Paradise” opened a few doors, but the album that really impressed everyone was the masterpiece "Gothic" in 1991. This album combined female vocals, heavy grunts and a desolate atmosphere in a new and unique way, unseen at the time. Their continued evolution with the majestic "Shades Of God" (1992), and the subsequent “Icon” (1993) and "Draconian Times" (1995) secured a breakthrough to an even larger audience. Their latest album “The Plague Within” from 2015 put them back on track, with elements of all previous Paradise Lost material including a return to the death/doom of their early period. So much so, that we are really looking forward to welcoming these pioneers of the death / doom movement of the early nineties to Alcatraz Festival!