At the Camper Camping nearby the festival terrain, you get 6m x 7m to park your camper (or caravan with awning) at a cost of €50. Check camping-info for times of arrival and departure.
Extra service in 2018:

  • Free use of sanitary zone with toilets and showers
  • Free access to cosy chill-out zone
  • Optional (paying) breakfast between 8 and 11 AM, coffee included. The perfect start of every Alcatraz-day!
  • Our camper/caravan campsite is located nearby the festival entrance (at 350m)
  • Per camper/caravan there is 1 power point (220V) available
  • Your car can be parked nearby your caravan
  • Note: if you want to access the facilities of our regular campsite as well, you will need to purchase camping tickets additionally (€16 per person).

Bike park

Bicycles and bikes can be parked at the festival site. There is a non-guarded parking space reserved.

Park & Ride

There is no PARK & RIDE zone at the entrance of the festival. The Park & Ride zone is located at Kortrijk Xpo where there is a free shuttle service from the parking to the main entrance of the festival.
To access this PARK & RIDE zone, please use the following GPS coordinates:

Alcatraz Park & Ride:

Kennedylaan 100

No crowd surfing

No crowd surfing allowed on Alcatraz!

Are animals allowed?

Animals are not allowed on the festival grounds.

Can I get earplugs at the festival?

At the Rock Tribune booth, on the right of the main PRISON STAGE, we offer earplugs for free.

Is there a volume limitation?

Yes, the standard for this event is set at LA, eq, 60min = 100 dB (A) - LA, eq, 15min = 102 dB (A), to comply with the legal regulations set by the government.

I am interested in only one band. Do i have to buy a ticket?

A ticket must be purchased in order to enter the site, even though it is only for 1 band.

I would like to bring my children, do they also have to buy a ticket?

We cannot prohibit to bring your children, but everyone, even babies, must hold a valid festival ticket and here's why: we want parents to be aware that bringing children to a crowded festival can put the children at risk. With the purchase of a festival ticket the parents accept full responsibility.

Will there be signing sessions this year?

Yes, these are organized by ROCK TRIBUNE. The time schedule of the signing sessions will be communicated on the video walls.

Is there a festival market?

There is a festival market where you can find CDs, records, DVDs and merchandise. The bands that play at the festival have a separate area available for the sale of their official merchandise.

Can I have a merchandise stand on the festival to sell my products?

Retailers can contact the organization to check availability and to receive more information.

Can I hand out flyers and promotional posters?

For environmental protection reasons, the distribution of leaflets and promotional posters is forbidden on the festival site. If you want your banners and posters to be put up on the festival site, please contact Virus Promotions.

Can I leave the festival site?

We can’t prohibit people from leaving the festival grounds. We ask, however, to respect the environment, which means: all waste in the trash cans.

Respect the homes and gardens of the neighbours.

Can I bring a camera?

Professional equipment is not permitted. Cameras with detachable lenses are not allowed, just like film cameras and recording equipment. Ordinary digital cameras are allowed.

What's the minimum age to attend the festival?

Children under 16 are only admitted if they are accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my own drinks to the festival site?

At the festival site cans, camel bags, glass and plastic bottles are NOT allowed.

When do the doors to the festival open?

On Saturday and Sunday, the gates to hell open at 09h30, one hour and a half before the first band starts on stage. On Friday, the gates open at 12h00.