August 9/10/11 2024 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 9/10/11


How to enter the festival?

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gates to hell swing wide at 10.30 a.m., 50 minutes before the first band mounts the PRISON STAGE.

If you have already bought your tickets you will need the bar code printed on your e-ticket. For smooth access simply present your tickets at the main festival entrance. Our crew will scan the bar code on your ticket in exchange for your festival wristband.

If you have VIP or Press access you have also received e-tickets. Proceed to the VIP/PRESS reception desk at the main festival entrance. Our VIP/PRESS crew will be happy to assist you. You will receive your wristband here to ensure easy access to the festival arena.

Unless the festival has sold out you can definitely buy tickets on the day - but only online. THERE IS NO BOX OFFICE AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE!

Can I rent a locker at Alcatraz?

Lockers are available at the festival, some of which are equipped with a power socket to charge your smartphone. Avoid theft at all costs! Leave valuable items at home. If you do bring valuable items, be sure to store them safely in a locker. The organisers cannot be held responsible for damage, loss or theft. Larger lockers are also available for those with bulkier items, such as helmets.

Click on the link below to reserve a locker:


Can I leave the festival site?

Festival-goers have every right to leave the festival grounds via the authorised exits. However, we ask that you keep the surrounding area clean. That means no littering: please deposit all waste in the proper receptacles. Respect the homes and gardens of the local residents. Frequent checks will be carried out to monitor compliance.

Can I bring my own food & drinks to the festival?

Attendees are NOT allowed to bring cans, plastic bottles, glass, camel bags or food items onto the festival grounds. Exceptions are only permitted upon presentation of a doctor’s prescription.

Will free water be distributed in case of extreme heat?

Absolutely. We offer access to free water as soon as the heat management plan is activated. Attendees will be kept informed via the big screens and the festival app.

Can I pay with cash on the festival grounds?

Bank cards and cash are accepted at the various containers serving as coin booths.

Do you use cashless wristbands?

No, we don’t. Alcatraz uses standard physical coins instead of a cashless system. Food and drinks can only be paid with coins.

Is crowd surfing allowed?

Crowd surfing is not allowed at Alcatraz.

I would like to bring my kids. Do they need a ticket as well?

You are free to bring your kids but we wouldn’t recommend it. Please note that everyone (and that includes babies) must have a valid festival ticket. Parents must be aware of the fact that a festival with many attendees comes with potential risks. By buying an official ticket parents are assuming full responsibility.

Are pets allowed?

NO pets are allowed on the grounds.

I’m only interested in one band on the bill. Do I still have to buy a ticket?

You always need a ticket to enter the festival arena, even if it’s just for one band.

Does Alcatraz have a festival market?

Like every year, there is a Metal Market with a generous selection of CDs, vinyl, DVDs and merch. Merch from the acts playing at the festival is sold at a separate band merch stand.

Can I bring a camera?

Professional equipment is off limits. Cameras with a removable lens are not allowed and neither are film cameras or recording equipment. However, you can bring a standard digital camera.

Does Alcatraz respect a volume limit?

Absolutely. The festival respects the legal noise limit: LA eq, 60min = 100 dB (A) - LA eq, 15min = 102 dB (A).

Are you organising signing sessions?

Yes, ROCK TRIBUNE magazine organises signing sessions at the dedicated signing stand (right next to the Rock Tribune stand). The planning for the day’s signing sessions is displayed on the screen next to the signing stand.

Can I rent a stand at the festival to sell my products?

Retailers can contact the organisers to check availability and request more details ( There is no more room at this year’s edition.

What age do I have to be to come to the festival without an adult?

Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I hand out flyers and posters at the festival?

No, distributing posters and flyers is prohibited, both on the festival grounds and at the campsite. If you want to hang posters and Heras banners on the festival grounds, please contact Agrafa Affichage (