11/12/13 Août 2022 | Courtrai - BE 11/12/13 Août

Gaahls Wyrd

Gaahls Wyrd

Black Metal




friday | 18h45-19h45 | swamp



Vocalist Gaahl had earned his stripes on the Scandiavian metal scene with Gorgoroth and God Seed before founding Gaahls Wyrd in 2015. Initially the illustrious quartet focused on playing a selection of cuts from Gaahl’s various (side) projects.

They toured almost incessantly and by the time they unleashed their full debut in 2019 they were a well-oiled machine. Expectations were sky high but ‘GastiR – Ghosts Invited’ truly delivered: it’s an absolute gem featuring guest spots by some of Norway’s top black metal musicians. The expertly measured way in which classic heavy metal, rock and ambient elements have been added to the mix is one of the reasons why they rise so far above the crowd. The universally praised mini album ‘The Humming Mountain’ (2021) lives up to the same lofty standards. While adding keyboards and removing bass grooves has given the tracks a different flow and tempo, it is also testament to Gaahl’s craftmanship.