The talented Carnation represents the future of Belgian death metal at Alcatraz 2017! Their incredible “Cemetery Of The Insane” EP combines the best elements of Swedish and American death metal, to date.

Although the ultimate strength of this band from Heist-op-den-Berg lies in their excruciating live shows. Need Proof? They have rightfully shared the same stage with, Nocturnus, Death To All, Pungent Stench, Master, Entombed AD, Skeletal Remains and Suffocation, amoung many others. The renowned Eindhoven Metal Meeting festival graced Carnation a well deserved spot on their bill last December, making them one of the few Benelux metal bands there. Plain and simple: you will not to want to miss out on this summers show at Alcatraz festival!

Sunday 13

11:25 to 12:00