Lost & found

Lost & found objects will be gathered at the camping office. Unclaimed found items are placed after the festival to the police station of Kortrijk. Address: Oude Vestingsstraat 2A, 8500 Kortrijk (phone. +32 56 239611)

Keep it clean

Each camper will get 2 garbage bags, one for waste and one for PMD. Please use the bags and bring them to the appropriate collection point.

First aid

The Red Cross is present at the festival. A first aid case can be found at the office of the camping area.

Outlets and lockers

At the campsite there are outlets available to recharge your mobile phone. There are also lockers available. Ask information in our office !

Give thieves no chance. Leave valuables at home.

Do not leave valuables unattended in your tent. As the organizer, we are not responsible for any thefts. If you do have valuables you want to take with you, you can have them stored in the lockers. The lockers can be found next to the office.

Quick access

From the campsite there is an express entry for the campers, so no waiting at the entrance !


You can buy breakfast on the camping for €5 (coffee included).

Not allowed

Not allowed on the camping:

  • Glass
  • Barbeque
  • Candles, torches , bonfires, burners with piercing pattern
  • Fireworks
  • Knifes and any other object that the organization can consider as dangerous
  • Generators sets and music systems
  • Arm Holdings
  • Drugsbezit
  • Drugs Holdings
  • Party tents
  • No trade may be driven
  • It is also forbidden to pour drinks with alcohol content of more than 0.5 VOL % of young people under 16 years. It is forbidden to offer alcoholic beverages to people under 18 years.

Anyone who breaks the rules will be denied further access to the site. Serious offenders may be prosecuted. They will always be reported.


There are free sanitary facilities (toilets, running water, showers) present on / next to the campsite. There is also a nice, cosy chill out zone.
It's possible to eat on friday night on the festivalarea and we'll serve beers until midnight!


Admission will be 16 Euros per person.
You need to book your ticket in advance on the ticket page. You must bring a print.

Opening hours

The Alcatraz camping site is open from friday 11/08 (10h) 'till monday 14/08 (12h) and is next to the festival area. The camping office is 24/24h open.


Because the number of campers is increasing year after year, we are forced in terms of parking to move to the spacious and safe parking of Kortrijk Xpo . Campers can park their car there (€ 1.5 per 24 hours per car - keep your parking tickets somewhere save) and then with (free) shuttle bus to the campsite / festival grounds and fed back to the parking lot. The shuttle buses run until just before the entrance (of both the festival/camping and parking) on the following days / hours :

  • Friday: 09h00 till 22h00
  • Saturday: 08h00 till 02h30
  • Sunday: 08h00 till 02h30
  • Monday: 08h00 till 12h00


The camping site is situated next to the festival site on the splendid domain “De Lange Munte” in Kortrijk.
Bad Godesberglaan 22 - 8500 Kortrijk