New this year is Alcatraz Eagle’s Plaza!

Alcatraz Eagle’s Plaza is located near the festival grounds and it will be a very nice area to stay. Eagle’s Plaza is for those who want something more. Who does not want to walk back and forth with tent and camping material can buy a set up and decorated tent in Alcatraz Eagle’s Plaza or rent a Tipi or a logde.

By offering 4 accommodations Alcatraz Eagle's Plaza has an answer for every budget!

Please note that if you are staying at Eagle's Plaza you will need an access ticket for the campsite. This must be purchased separately. This allows you to use all the facilities of the campsite.



DIY camping package

You don’t want to go back and forth with your tent? Then purchase a unique Alcatraz tent for 2 people in Alcatraz Eagle’s Plaza!

Your pop-up tent with Alcatraz logo (!!!) will be ready for use on arrival. How great is that?

After the festival you can take your tent with sleeping bags home to use more often.

Price: 115 euro

If you are staying in an Alcatraz tent you will need an access ticket for the campsite, which can be purchased from the following link:

DIY camping package



Tipi tent

If you want to spend adventurous nights during Alcatraz then this atmospheric Tipi tent is something for you! This tent is available for 1 or 2 people. On the floor (from cow skin!) are thick sleeping mats and soft pillows, including pillowcases. You only have to bring your sleeping bag.

Next versions of the Tipi tent can be rented:

Tipi tent medium (2.5m diameter) for 1 or 2 people. Cost: 180 euro + 100 euro guarantee (you will get back the guarantee upon check-out at the campsite).

Tipi tent large (3m diameter) for 1 or 2 people. Cost: 240 euro + 100 euro guarantee (you will get back the guarantee upon check-out at the campsite).

If you are staying in a Tipi tent you will need an access ticket for the campsite, which can be purchased from the following link:

Rent a Tipi tent



Lodge tent

Do you like some more luxury? Do you like to sleep in a real bed? Then a comfortable lodge at Alcatraz Eagle's Plaza is the perfect place to stay for you!

Included: The rental of a cozy Lodge for 2 persons including wooden floor and terrace, 2 beach chairs, a lamp, a locker and 2 fully-made wooden beds with a real mattress. Breakfast is delivered to "house" if desired.

Cost: 530 euro + 100 euro guarantee (you will get back the guarantee upon check-out at the campsite).

If you are staying in a Lodge you will need an access ticket for the campsite, which can be purchased from the following link:

Rent a Lodge tent


There is a limited space reserved for campers in front of the parking lot. You will need to buy a camper ticket (25 euros per vehicle). Attention: This ticket does not give access to the facilities at the campsite. If you want access to the campsite you must purchase a ticket for the campsite (16 euro per person).

Chill out zone

Around the office is a cozy chill zone to relax.


This is our central point of the campsite. Here you can come over the whole weekend 24/24 with all your questions and we will help you as much as possible to make your stay unforgettable. You are welcome here any time to buy soft drinks and coffee or even just for a chat.

New at the campsite in 2017

Alcatraz camping does everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Below you will find the facilities:

  • New! If you’re still up to a party after the festival day you can go to our new Alcatraz Landing tent to have a drink in a peaceful setting and where you can talk about the event of the day. This tent is only accessible to campers.
  • Kicking: Yes! Just like last year you can kick for free at the office!
  • New! Camping shop – this year present at Alcatraz camping! Here you can go for all small purchases a camper needs. A blow-up service is also available to inflate your air mattress.
  • New! Charging service – here you can rent or buy an Alcatraz power bank.
  • Comfort: Toilets are free to use, urinating anywhere is not allowed! Also hot showers are for free. Both toilets and showers are cleaned 24/24.

Lost & found

Lost & found objects will be gathered at the camping office. Unclaimed found items are placed after the festival to the police station of Kortrijk. Address: Oude Vestingsstraat 2A, 8500 Kortrijk (phone. +32 56 239611)

Keep it clean

Each camper will get 2 garbage bags, one for waste and one for PMD. Please use the bags and bring them to the appropriate collection point.

First aid

The Red Cross is present at the festival. A first aid case can be found at the office of the camping area.

Outlets and lockers

At the campsite there are outlets available to recharge your mobile phone. There are also lockers available. Ask information in our office !

Give thieves no chance. Leave valuables at home.

Do not leave valuables unattended in your tent. As the organizer, we are not responsible for any thefts. If you do have valuables you want to take with you, you can have them stored in the lockers. The lockers can be found next to the office.


You can buy breakfast on the camping for €5 (coffee included).

Not allowed

Not allowed on the camping:

  • Glass
  • Barbeque
  • Candles, torches , bonfires, burners with piercing pattern
  • Fireworks
  • Knifes and any other object that the organization can consider as dangerous
  • Generators sets and music systems
  • Arm Holdings
  • Drugsbezit
  • Drugs Holdings
  • Party tents
  • No trade may be driven
  • It is also forbidden to pour drinks with alcohol content of more than 0.5 VOL % of young people under 16 years. It is forbidden to offer alcoholic beverages to people under 18 years.

Anyone who breaks the rules will be denied further access to the site. Serious offenders may be prosecuted. They will always be reported.


There are free sanitary facilities (toilets, running water, showers) present on / next to the campsite.


Admission will be 16 Euros per person.
You need to book your ticket in advance on the ticket page. You must bring a print.

Opening hours

The Alcatraz camping site is open from friday 11/08 (10h) 'till monday 14/08 (12h) and is next to the festival area. The camping office is 24/24h open.


Because the number of campers is increasing year after year, we are forced in terms of parking to move to the spacious and safe parking of Kortrijk Xpo . Campers can park their car there (€ 1.5 per 24 hours per car - keep your parking tickets somewhere save) and then with (free) shuttle bus to the campsite / festival grounds and fed back to the parking lot. The shuttle buses run until just before the entrance (of both the festival/camping and parking) on the following days / hours :

  • Friday: 09h00 till 22h00
  • Saturday: 08h00 till 02h30
  • Sunday: 08h00 till 02h30
  • Monday: 08h00 till 12h00


The camping site is situated next to the festival site on the splendid domain “De Lange Munte” in Kortrijk.
Bad Godesberglaan 22 - 8500 Kortrijk