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Gift cards

gift voucher

How do Gift cards for Alcatraz Open Air Work?

  1. You select the amount you want see on the gift card voucher
  2. Buy the voucher like a regular ticket
  3. You will receive a PDF or a download link to access your voucher with a 9-digit code on the top left of this gift card
  4. Print it or send it to the person you want to give the gift card to

For people receiving a gift card:

  1. Redeem this gift card by using the 15-digit code as a discount (action) code when buying tickets
  2. The 15-digit code, you can find your unique code, top left of this gift card
  3. Copy the code into the promotional action code field when purchasing tickets in the official online ticketshop on
  4. The vouchers are only valid in the online ticket shop, they won’t work at the festival itself
  5. The voucher code can only be used once

Day tickets are only valid on the given day. Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, as from opening time.
The prices mentioned include all costs.

By law, ticket prices now include all service and payment fees.
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