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Wolves in the Throne Room

Wolves in the Throne Room

Cascadian Black Metal





Their home base near Olympia, Washington, looks a lot like the backdrop many Norwegian bands enjoy so it’s not that surprising that Wolves in the Throne Room opted for atmospheric black metal.

When they unleashed ‘Diadem of 12 Stars’ (2006) it was immediately obvious they were going places. Formed by the Weaver brothers, Aaron and Nathan, WitTR put their own spin on the genre and ever since the release of their second album ‘Two Hunters’ (2007) they’ve been at the forefront of the atmospheric black metal movement in the US, also known as Cascadian black metal. After a brief foray into ambient they returned to their roots on ‘Thrice Woven’ (2017): full-blooded & fast black metal, frothing at the mouth but marked by an indelible inner beauty. Belgium’s leading metal magazine Rock Tribune even named ‘Thrice Woven’ its ‘Record of the Year’. They don’t care for corpse paint, satanic lyrics or demonic stage names. Drummer/bassist/keyboardist Aaron Weaver once said the band operates on a mythical level, based on “a sense of despair and loss and you don't even know what you lost”. ‘Primordial Arcana’ (2021) once again conveys that feeling of utter desolation that pervades their music.