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Thin Lizzy

Alcatraz Line up: 2019

When he dies on 4 January 1986 Phil Lynott is all of 36 years old. Booze and drugs had wreaked havoc on his body to the point where he was admitted to hospital on Christmas day 1985 after collapsing in his home. He never made it out. Born the son of a Guyanese father and an Irish mother, Lynott is raised by his grandmother in Dublin and starts playing in bands in the mid-60s. Thin Lizzy forms in late 1969 and their breakthrough comes in 1973 with their version of the 17th century traditional folksong ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. A quarter century later the song gets a new lease on life when Metallica includes a cover of the track on ‘Garage Inc.’ A decade after Lynott’s untimely demise guitarists John Sykes and Scott Gorham, drummer Brian Downey and keyboard wizard Darren Wharton decide to resurrect Thin Lizzy; Marco Mendoza is asked to take up bass duties. There’s no shortage of criticism but the new incarnation of Thin Lizzy does its former band leader proud, both during interviews and live on stage. Up until 2009 the band are regularly billed in clubs and festivals all over the world. There are a few line-up changes along the way but when John Sykes decides to call it a day, the end seems close at hand. However, Scott Gorham isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet and at the recommendation of Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot, The Almighty chief Ricky Warwick is invited to join. Warwick’s addition injects a shot of Irish blood into Lizzy’s veins and things are looking up; so much so, in fact, that new music is in the offing. However, they sensibly decide to release the new material under a different name. Oozing Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders pays tribute to days long gone. Fast forward to 2019. Meanwhile 35 years have come and gone since Phil Lynott’s unfortunate passing. The world has changed but Thin Lizzy’s amazing discography has stood the test of time. Songs like ‘Jailbreak’, ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’, ‘Still in Love with You’, ‘Cold Sweat’, ‘Emerald’ and ‘Don’t Believe a Word’ are absolute classics. Every now and then Gorham and Wharton still take the boys out on tour as Thin Lizzy. We’ve lucked out a few times already this year and with the addition of Thin Lizzy to what is already a stellar line-up, our lucky streak continues. The current incarnation also includes Damon Johnson (guitar), drummer Scott Travis (Judas Priest) and The Almighty’s Ricky Warwick on vocals and guitar. A top-notch line-up for what is looking to be one of the most memorable concerts of the summer...