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The Atomic Bitchwax

Alcatraz Line up: 2018

The Atomic Bitchwax, often abbreviated to TAB, refers to a song by Monster Magnet. The link with the spacerockers is not coincidental because only lead singer/guitarist Finn Ryan is not currently employed by Dave Wyndorf. The big difference between the two is the fact that The Atomic Bitchwax takes a riff-based approach. Many of the songs are instrumentals and the fuzz pedals are often pressed to the floor. If you want to come prepared you should give ‘The Local Fuzz’ (2011) a spin. Some 45 minutes of classic stoner/hard rock/psychedelic rock in a single track comprised of some 50 riffs. They manage to keep things flowing and natural-sounding throughout thanks to the organic alternation of various styles and influences: heavy riffs riffing, groovy passages, pink Floyd-esque moments, breathtaking solos and more. Their most recent effort ‘Force Field’ (2017) goes lighter on the psychedelic content in favour of more straightforward, fast-paced tracks that mostly clock in under three minutes. They’ve been descibed in the past as a band that specialises in ‘high-octane, 70s-based hard rock, space rock and psychedelia’ so you know what to expect: great musicianship and great fun!