August 9/10/11 2024 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 9/10/11

Sweet Savage

Alcatraz Line up: 2017

To complete the NWOBHM unit on Saturday, we will also program SWEET SAVAGE on the main stage. Perhaps not the biggest name, but one of the few bands that can say they were conquered on Metallica's first-ever demo (Ron McGovney's '82 Garage Demo). This Northern Irish band was founded in 1979, noted with some strong singles, guitarist Vivian Campbell went to Dio, and was dissolved before a first real album had appeared. Metallica picked up the song 'Killing Time' again in 1991, when the cover was B side of The Unforgiven single, and later recorded the song on the CD 'Garage Inc.' (1997). The name Sweet Savage returns to the picture in the mid-nineties and the band decides to reunite with some albums as a result. Then it’s over again (n 2010, literally as Guitarist Trev Fleming dies), but in 2010 the band makes a remarkable return to support both Iron Maiden and Deep Purple and they even got a spot at the Sonisphere Festival. Founder Ray Haller experienced a highlight when he is invited by Metallica in 2011 to join them on stage for a guest contribution on Killing Time and Seek & Destroy during one of the 30th anniversary shows of Metallica in The Fillmore San Francisco.