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Alcatraz Line up: 2012, 2018

Extreme metallers Primordial have developed a signature sound over the years that captures Ireland’s melancholy soul and righteous anger while forgoing the flutes and bagpipes generally associated with their home country. While you’d be justified in calling them a black metal band, they like to explore the full gamut of possibilities ranging from folk to black metal and as a result they sound less repetitive than some of their peers. Primordial are one of a dwindling number of bands whose lyrics deliver a worthwhile message. Throughout their existence, Primordial have explored the trials and tribulations of Ireland’s troubled past, working their way from its earliest history including woeful tales of plague and famine, to the transition to Christianity and the lingering shadow of paganism, all the while wondering what the future holds. Vocalist Alan ‘Naihmass Nemtheanga’ Averill’s powerful and emotional delivery lends the music a degree of gravitas that fits perfectly with the folk/progressive/black metal elements. By the time Alcatraz rolls around Primordial’s 9th studio effort, ’Exile amongst the Ruins’, will have hit the shelves so check out the new disc beforehand!