August 9/10/11 2024 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 9/10/11

Pretty Maids

Alcatraz Line up: 2010, 2017

Already on Friday the iron bars will be removed from the prison stage which means we will finally program 8 bands that day. One band who is inseparable from the European festival stages, and was still top of our list, is the Danish PRETTY MAIDS. We did not need long to convince them, not least because the guys were still enthusiastic about their previous passage at Alcatraz. This year the band is celebrating their 35th anniversary and judging the quality of their latest albums they are not finished yet. Their fanbase includes fans from AOR and heavy metal. But above all Pretty Maids is a band that can put the atmosphere in the right direction on a sunny Friday afternoon, as a forerunner for a hopefully unforgettable weekend.