August 13/14/15 2021 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 13/14/15




Space 1992 Rise Of The Chaos



Gloryhammer is one of those bands that really know how to spin a compelling narrative. In 2012 Alestorm mastermind/vocalist/keytar lover Christopher Bowes founded a new power metal band inspired by the mysterious and misty decor of the medieval Scottish Highlands.

On their 2013 debut, the concept album ‘Tales from the Kingdom of Fife’, Gloryhammer tells tales of epic battles, fiery dragons, witches and wizards, but always tongue-in-cheek. Their sophomore album ‘Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards’ (2015) adds a sci-fi touch to the tales of its predecessor with such leading characters as Zargothrax, Raklathor or Angus McFife XIII. The concept clearly strikes a nerve because in less than a decade Gloryhammer outgrows the club circuit. They have built an impressive legion of fans whose ranks will continue to swell following the release of ‘Legends from beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex’ (2019). If you want to leave your worldly troubles behind for an hour or so and submerge yourself in an imaginary battle for the universe then answer the call and join the Gloryhammer ranks!