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Alcatraz Line up: 2019

Founded in 1998 by guitar hero Gus G. in an attempt to earn a record deal, the Firewind project soon solidified into a permanent power metal outfit. Firewind quickly made a name for themselves and albums like ‘Allegiance’ (2006) and ‘The Premonition’ (2008) made them a popular favourite on the European metal scene. Gus G.’s exceptional talent attracted the attention of the prince of darkness himself, who hired the Greek guitar god to replace Zakk Wylde. In spite of Gus’ tenure with Ozzy, Firewind continued to record and tour during hiatuses in Ozzy’s schedule. Firewind obviously became less prolific in this period but the albums that did come out made up for this in quality. With a rhythm section tighter than a duck’s arse, quick-fire keyboard-vs-guitar duels and the hard rock vibe of vocalist Henning Basse, it’s clear that Firewind are much more than just Gus G. A hectic touring schedule has forged Firewind into a tight unit and eight albums into their career they are one the leading melodic power bands around. Just check out the ‘Apotheosis - Live 2012’ album if you want to know what Firewind are all about.