August 12/13/14 2022 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 12/13/14


Alcatraz Line up: 2018, 2021

Metal with an attitude, that’s probably a good way to describe the sound of Bark. Hard work and talent are the key to success in the music business, something the ambitious fivesome understand full well because all the members have earned their spurs in the underground scene. Their eponymous first EP proved that musicians with different backgrounds can do great things together and critics were quick to predict a bright future for these Antwerp natives. Their first full-length effort ‘Voice of Dog’ confirms that initial impression with a well-crafted, skull-crushing, city-razing blend of thrash, heavy metal, hardcore, stoner and punk. Most tracks clock in at two and a half minutes, just enough to knock you breathless and senseless to the ground without actually losing consciousness. Bark play the kind of music that comes naturally to them without catering to traditional genre conventions. Follow-up ‘Like Humans Do’ (2017) showcases more varied and complex songwriting and even the few slower, chugging tracks on the album( e.g. ‘Last Man Standing’) have enough bite to eviscerate a grown ox with a dull potato knife. Homegrown talent!