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Alcatraz Line up: 2018

Crisix is a young thrash collective formed in 2008 in Igualada, Spain. These countrymen of Angelus Apatrida and Aggression are one of the best new thrash bands you can ever hope to hear. Their 2011 debut ‘The Menace’ thrashes the shit out of the listener with track after track assaulting your ears like a runaway HST on speed: the riffs are ridiculously fast, the vocal sneers inspiring and the drummer pummels the kit to hell and back. The follow-up to this 65-minute barrage without respite or remorse is ‘Rise... Then Rest’, which shaved off twenty minutes off the running time and adopts a slightly more melodic and slightly-less-dead-serious approach. The onslaught continues on ‘From Blue to Black’ (2016) with seven ultraviolent and fast tracks and the occasional nod to Testament, Megadeth and a few more. Their fourth outing, ‘Against the Odds’ is due for a 2018 release and keeping up the insane quality they’ve delivered so far is, indeed, against the odds. But if anyone can it’s Crisix.