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Alcatraz Line up: 2023

Every new Terror release follows the same tried and true recipe: unrelenting, titanium-tough hardcore with razor sharp riffs, pounding rhythms and signature hardcore lyrics. This LA band is practically a force of nature: from the very first note to the last split eyebrow in the mosh pit, these guys don’t take any prisoners. Frontman Scott Vogel is not only a consummate live performer; he is also famous for his unconventional and often bizarre on-stage banter, widely known as ‘Vogelisms’ (“Sound guy, can I get more stage dives in the monitors please?”). Terror have been around since 2002 and Vogel and friends are still a band on a mission. Terror is not just about the music. They are hardcore heroes who promote the hardcore lifestyle and lead by example. The pummelling onslaught continues on their latest slab ‘Pain into Power’ (2022. Feisty and rambunctious as ever, the new stuff is an ironclad guarantee of a full mosh pit workout so what are you waiting for?