9/10/11 Août 2024 | Courtrai - BE 9/10/11 Août

Electric Callboy

Alcatraz Line up: 2022, 2023

Controversial? Absolutely, and that alone is a perfect reason to bill them. Venturing off the beaten path has been ingrained in our DNA from day one. It’s an audacious choice but a very conscious one: you may recall it was Electric Callboy that kickstarted the biggest party of the entire weekend last year in the blistering heat. In fact, thousands of singing fans generated the largest dust cloud ever to darken the sky over Kortrijk. Incidentally, Electric Callboy is not just any band. The German act is the very personification of the increasingly popular electronicore genre. They’ve been active since 2010 and were originally called Eskimo Callboy until early 2022, when the derogatory use of Eskimo was replaced with Electric. Coincidence or not, from then on their popularity soared – or perhaps it has something to do with the addition of frontman Nico Sallach in 2020. He contributed to the writing process and assumed vocal duties on ‘Hypa Hypa’, a track that has meanwhile racked up some 30 million streams. The rest, as they say, is history. With Electric Callboy, Alcatraz has billed the perfect master of ceremonies for yet another no-holds-barred party. Isn’t that the perfect way to conclude our fifteenth edition on Sunday evening? A raucous sending off after three days of metal mayhem. Order your tickets now and let the countdown begin in earnest!