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Bible Of The Beast


When the brothers Matthew and Charles Greywolf founded the German power metal band Powerwolf back in 2003, their initial inability to find a suitable singer didn’t stop them from starting to write tracks.

So when Romanian opera-trained singer Attila Dorn joined the band with his love of Romanian werewolf lore, all the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place, both musically and conceptually. Infectiously corny lyrics about vampires and werewolves, Latin phrases and church organs, singalong earworm choruses and Attila Dorn’s operatic delivery have kept the fans hooked for years. Their fierce and epic 2015 release ‘Blessed & Possessed’ meant another step up in terms of both popularity and venues. Don’t look to Powerwolf to reinvent power metal: the ingredients stay the same but it’s the masterful delivery that sets them apart. The unholy gospel of the Lycanthrope continues with the latest instalment ‘The Sacrament of Sin’ (2018): from a songwriting perspective the new chapter is on a par with ‘Bible of the Beast’ (2009) and apart from a few cosmetic changes – of which the Maiden-esque guitar battles are definitely the most interesting – Powerwolf have no reason to change their winning formula