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Off The Cross

Alcatraz Line up: 2019

The Belgian metal scene is currently swamped with excellent young bands and there’s been no shortage of exciting new releases. One of the main exponents of the current upturn are Antwerp sons Off The Cross. Apart from their obvious talent, it’s worth mentioning that these guys do everything under their own steam - – including shooting some pretty professional videos - since they’re not signed to any label. Their full-length debut ‘Divided Kingdom’ dropped early 2017 and eyebrows went up in appreciation thanks to a well-balanced mix of thrash, hardcore and death metal, with gripping compositions that sink their hooks into the listener from start to finish. On the strength of this album they landed gigs at GMM, Groezrock and Antwerp Metal Fest to name but a few. They also managed to secure support slots for Epica, Aborted, Darkest Hour, Municipal Waste and Misfits legend Doyle on his European Tour. The constant touring paid off in spades on the new ‘ERA’ EP, with four tracks that take the listener on a rollercoaster ride of brutal passages offset by fragile emotions. Support your locals, they’re worth it!