12/13/14 Août 2022 | Courtrai - BE 12/13/14 Août

La Morgue


Every once in a while festival organisers should try new things. Sometimes you’ll simply tweak an existing formula based on past experience and fresh insights, or it can just be a daft concept - or even a combination of both. That’s how we came up with the idea to move EL PRESIDIO back into its original marquee for the 2019 edition of Alcatraz Open Air. Why? Because we feel like it, that’s why! Also, the prospect of not using our beautiful red circus tent was just too much to bear. We gave it some thought and decided it would be cool to introduce a third stage in addition to the SWAMP and PRISON, and our largest marquee seemed like the perfect venue. There’s always a back story behind changes at Alcatraz and this also goes for LA MORGUE.

Situated next to camping GRAVEYARD, our new mortuary will mainly host Belgian bands that are firmly rooted in the underground scene. There’s a breed of bands out there that avoid the bigger stages, thriving instead in shady dives such as LA MORGUE. These musicians shun the light and only come fully alive once the cloak of darkness has descended upon the land! There are droves of excellent bands to choose from, both abroad and at home, and they all have a faithful following. A band like Amenra fits the bill perfectly, even though they have outgrown stages like this – and deservedly so. Still, it’s an Amenra-ish atmosphere that will reign supreme in La Morgue. Sludge, post, doom, death, stoner and black: you can’t go wrong with the likes of THE SPIRIT (DE), DESERTED FEAR (DE), WOLVENNEST, HEMELBESTORMER, PSYCHONAUT and ALKERDEEL. We’ve assembled the perfect line-up to create a low-down, depraved atmosphere in our huge, smoke-filled tipi, a bill that also includes (psychedelic) stoner bands such as MAUDLIN, BLACK MIRRORS, COWBOYS AND ALIENS, FIRE DOWN BELOW, AN EVENING WITH KNIVES (NL), TANGLED HORNS, MIAVA, GLOWSUN (FR) and speedrock berserkers SPEEDÖZER. Cowboys and Aliens are even playing their maiden album in its entirety and as you know, ‘A Trip To The Stonehenge Colony’ can easily bear comparison with anything that has blown in from Palm Desert in the last few decades. Added value seekers will welcome this festival-within-the-festival. Completely separate from the main line-up, these fifteen bands will create a unique experience in a customised environment. An inspiring space trip to realms unknown... A familiar habitat for some, an alienating voyage of discovery for others, but a rollercoaster ride for all!