Marino Punk

Sunday 12 - 10:00 to 23:00

Known from TV programs like Exit 9 on VRT (one), Moment on WTV, Sunday Josdag VTM, Thousand Suns and Shrimp, Link, Man Bite Dog, Navond Flanders, Luc Alloo, Rosa, Hotel M ... Radio: Bassta (Studio Brussels), Somers and Verscheuren, the best is yet to come, RTBF with Bernard Gillain ... figurehead Gentse Feesten 1998, and Fètes de la rue Esch sur Alzette in Luxembourg and Chassepièrre ... Marino Punk will take care of the atmosphere on Sunday morning at the campsite and then provide 10 short performances of 20 minutes at different locations on the site (VIP, El Presidio, Route66 bar, entrance, ... ..).