Alcatraz Prison & Officer Nice

What the hell is ALCATRAZ?

alcatraz prison

Alcatraz is the most famous prison in the Bay of San Francisco, USA. The area was the home of many starting (thrash)metal-bands. Only a few names are: Death Angel, Exodus, Forbidden, Metallica, Heathen, Possessed, Testament, Vio-lence …

Alcatraz (hard)rock & metal festival has the ambition to organize once in a while a REAL (hard)rock & metal fest and is the cosy home of OFFICER NICE.

Don’t be scared to visit us, but in fact, we only allow (hard)rock & metal – lovers. In case you don’t fit exactly this image, you can also come but for sure, Officer Nice will help you to urgently transform this lack of passion into an addiction for REAL (hard)rock & metal.

Who the hell is OFFICER NICE?

Creation of the Alcatraz Mascot


Organizers of the Alcatraz fest wanted to create a nice festival-image. It all started a few years ago with these rough sketches:

birth officer nicebirth officer nicebirth officer nice

Last year a shoe designer Dageraad made a real cool sketch:

birth officer nicebirth officer nicebirth officer nice


Then, very soon we contacted the famous American artist Ed Repka (creator of Megadeth’s Vic Rattlehead).

Ed Repka believed in the idea and fine-tuned the prisoner’s officer. All remarks we made concerning the birth of the Alcatraz mascot were useless because Ed learned us: ‘it is my way or no way’ … And this is the final result:

birth officer nice

officer nice

After investing some time and a lot of dollars, Officer Nice was born. He is alive, he really is …

officer nice

Frequently asked questions

Is Officer Nice dangerous?

Yes, so be careful because Officer Nice has the power to transform any music-loving idiot into a real (hard)rock & metal-fan. Therefore Officer Nice is probably one of the most dangerous people on this planet and for sure the most dangerous guy on the festival.

Can Officer Nice bite me?

So far as we know, he has never bitten somebody.

How should I behave when I meet Officer Nice?

When you suddenly meet him, the only way is to behave ‘nice’ to Officer ‘Nice’.

Can I take a picture of him?

If he is in a good mood YES, if not, do not disturb him.