Sacred Reich

We are very happy to announce another American thrash band, Sacred Reich which started off as true speed demons in the late 80’s with "Ignorance" and "Surf Nicaragua", then switched their emphasis to more groovy and catchy mid-tempo thrash metal on “The American Way” in 1990, and “Independent” in 1993.

Their heavy melodies got even more forceful through the social criticism and anti-political lyrics of singer and bassist Phil Rind. In the mid nineties life got a little rough for Sacred Reich. The thrash genre lost popularity and drummer Dave McClain transferred to Machine Head. In 2007 the band went back touring with original drummer Greg Hall who was welcomed with open arms by the band and fans alike. Sacred Reich limits the number of performances each year, and prefers to dive into their old material with songs like 'The American Way', 'Death Squad, ‘Surf Nicaragua’,’Who's To Blame', the inevitable 'War Pigs', 'Ignorance' and 'Love ... Hate' when they play live, and with a proven past formula, that still works today, we are super excited to have them at Alcatraz Festival this year!

Sunday 13

13:30 to 14:25